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True Healthy Balance is a health and wellness advising business & independent Nature’s Sunshine distributor in Western, NY.  Nilia Rohatsch, with 21+ years of experience working with herbs and herbal combinations, strives to fit the needs of a variety of clients to the largest extent possible.

About Nilia

Nilia is a Certified Herbalist, Natural Health Consultant, and Certified IN.FORM Health Coach.  She specializes in educating on how to bring the body back into balance.  Using a holistic approach, Nilia cultivates knowledge on nutrition, stress, herbs and the biochemistry of the body with the goal of helping you change your story.

In the year 2000, I became a living victim and survivor of a drunk driver crashing into my car.  I was prescribed some painkillers that were new to the market. People were dying from the usage of these painkillers after 1-8 uses.  I refused to take them and stuck with Motrin (Ibuprofen).  I was taking 16-18 (3,200-3,600mg) daily.  I quickly learned that it was creating havoc in my stomach, colon, and oh those ulcers.  I went back to my roots by calling my mom. With her advice and guidance, I was doing somewhat better.

In 2002, I began working for McNeil Consumer and Specialty Pharmaceuticals of Johnson and Johnson as a chemical purchaser.  I learned about each commodity, their uses AND their ill causing side effects.  I quickly decided that this wasn’t for me.

Like so many others, I had a quick onset of strange symptoms, quick diagnoses from many top physicians, prescribed meds, yet things continued to get worse with little or no help from the medications.

In 2003, My health was ailing.  I had gained about 8 pounds, was craving and eating 1-2 candy bars daily and had very red, itchy, flakey skin. It looked like I had two black eyes all the time. Under those same eyes, it felt like there were tiny shards of glass and it was extremely painful.

I had simplified all of my personal care and cleaning products, yet things were getting worse.

My sugar cravings were SO hard to control. I put on a few more pounds. Several dermatologists diagnosed me with Eczema, Dermatitis and Atopic Dermatitis. I used the cortisone and steroidal creams. My skin improved. So I stopped using them. The rashes came back with a vengeance!

My OB/GYN (at the time) diagnosed me with vulvar vestibulitis. He told me my options were to get into a new drug trial or have surgery to remove the vulva. I didn’t like any of those options and kept searching for a better, safer option.

I needed to find the cause and fix it fast!  I met with someone near and dear to my heart who has always had my best interest in mind.  I was told to contact an herbalist by the name of Liz Bentley, CHNP, CH, DNH and the journey began.

In less than a year, I became symptom free through proper nutrition, herbs,

supplements, education and lifestyle changes.  

My story changed.

I am a Certified Herbalist, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified IN.FORM Health Coach and more.  I specialize in educating on how to bring the body back into balance.  Using a holistic approach I educate on nutrition, herbs, environmental factors, stress and the biochemistry of the body.  My goal is to help you make a new story.

About Lorrie

Lorrie Hargis is Internationally recognized Registered Aromatherapist (RA), who has been teaching all over the world and translated in several languages. Practicing in the field of Natural Health for over 32 years as an Aromatherapist, Certified Iridologist, Kinesiologist and Certified Flower Essence Practitioner. Author of “Common Scents, A Practical Guide to Aromatherapy 2nd Edition,” and has been a regular Keynote speaker on Essential Oils for a Fortune 500 natural health company.

Lorrie researched, developed and manufactured 120 organic, green, clean skin care products based on aromatherapy in the South of France, certified by Ecocert.

She founded the Lorrie Hargis International School of Aromatherapy where students are taught and certified to be safe and effective Aromatherapists in 3 Levels.

Special tracks available in the Level 3 include: Emotional Healing with Essential Oils; Emotional Healing with Flower Essences and Aromatherapy; Reflexology.

Emotional Healing workshops are offered to everyone along with Introduction to Essential oils and Flower Essences.

Lorrie offers continuing education through her online Common Scents Community, Master class webinars and live workshops.  

Her mission is to teach, guide, coach and facilitate others to take responsibility for their own health and well being through natural healing holistic modalities.

By using an A,B,C approach (Activate, Build and Cleanse), we educate on restoring the body, and bringing back balance to help to minimize or block disease.  With the help of a BioTracker scale and a holistic view, together we come up with a plan to:


Get rid of the bad. Eliminate the toxic bacteria and clear the way for good.


Build up the good bacteria with a targeted focus on gut health, restore balance, and support core metabolic functions.


Maintain healthy balance and promote optimal metabolic functions by maintaining gut health.

Satisfied Clients
Not convinced? Hear from those that found balance.

My OB/GYN has been helping me with uterine fibroids that have caused me to miss so much of school and then work. My periods were SO heavy and I would have a period every 14-16 days. There was so much back and leg pain. I was always bloated and gaining weight. I had already had surgery to remove them in high school. But they grew back. In 2017, my OB/GYN knew I didn’t want to have surgery again. This time my uterus would be removed and there was no chance of me ever having a baby of my own. He quietly handed me a business card and suggested to call the lady on the card. I trusted my OB/GYN. So I called and spoke with Nilia at True Healthy Balance. She took me in as a client. She worked with me for about 2 years. Within 10 months, my entire body had changed. I was no longer bloating, had lost weight, my periods were much more regular (once a month) and not nearly as heavy. The uterine fibroids became smaller. I haven’t missed work in 20 months! I praise the Lord each day for the gift of Nilia. May God always watch over her and help more people like me!

LaQuana J.

In April of 2019, I had spoken with Nilia about my 2 year old son’s lead levels from the blood test taken at the lab. His current levels were 3.7.  Anything higher than 4 becomes worrisome. 10 is toxic and any brain damage is irreversible.  Nilia was able to help my son detox for 30 minutes.  She told me only 10 minutes is all she would do. But my son was sitting well and behaving.  We kept going.  After our session, Nilia had me give him lots of fluids and to feed him. I had his lead levels checked a week later at the lab.  My son’s lead levels had decreased from 3.7 down to below 1!! To say I am relieved is an understatement!  Since then I have worked with Nilia on many issues including emotional health.  She never pushes anyone to do anything they don’t want to.  However, she cares so much and would never suggest anything that she wouldn’t do herself.  Go see her!  She is AMAZING!

Erika L.

Nilia has changed my life! I am a diabetic VEGAN and was on 16 medications and the C-Pap machine. I was sad, depressed, anxious, and heavily overweight. I told Nilia that I may be too much of a challenge. She took me on as a client and I lost 74 pounds! I also lowered my medications down to 5 and no longer need the c-pap machine. My medicine dosages are also much lower and am working to get off another couple of them. I finally was healthy enough to follow my life long dream and move to another country. I met the most incredible woman and couldn’t be happier. Nilia is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping everyone!


Working with Nilia has been life changing.  She’s a knowledgeable and “persistent” health coach.  During the past four month’s: I’ve lost over 20 lbs that will stay off, halved the number of medications I need to take, and feel better than I have in years.  But the very best to happen is I can finally get down on the floor to play with my granddaughters- couldn’t be happier!

J. Cantor

The plan Nilia created was for ME. She looks at the entire picture and I know she took into account every little thing I had told her when she was creating the plan. Nilia makes you feel comfortable and is ready to answer any questions you may have. Overall, she has empowered me with a wealth of knowledge so that I can best nourish my body to enable it to function the best it can.


I’ve lost a total of 65 pounds through my weight loss journey with the BalanceU Program, which Nilia taught so well. The eating plan is easy to follow and easy to apply in a hectic life. The Love and Peas shake is my favorite and a great way to add a satiating meal in when in a rush. Drinking the appropriate amount of water is essential and eating clean foods is key. I feel great, I have more energy, I’m more focused, and overall feel happier.

Anonymous Client

Nilia is a detail oriented Certified Herbalist that goes the extra mile to help her clients. We have worked together to help people who want to include natural and preventive approaches to their healthcare efforts. She not only is the best Wellness Advisor I have ever had, she is also very knowledgeable in Herbals and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a kind and caring person and I am privileged to know her.

Christina R.

Nilia, I just had some blood work done and it came out really well. My A1C was 6.8! The pre-diabetes range is 5.7%-6.4%. Normal range is less than 5.7%. My endocrinologist will be thrilled that it’s coming down! Also I had a lipid panel done, and my cholesterol and lipid numbers look really good. My physical therapist can’t get over the change in me! My friends and family have been complimenting me too. I’m very excited about the progress you helped me achieve. Thanks for making it possible for me to stick with the program all while being a VEGAN. I feel great! If I haven’t said it before, Thank you! See you Wednesday.


The BalanceU program is a great name for the program because I’ve learned a lot, so I feel more informed about the foods I consume on a daily basis. This program gives you the knowledge you need so that you can feel confident in making better choices. Its a fantastic program and having a Coach like Nilia with high energy and very knowledgeable with nutrition and NSP products has helped tremendously.


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