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Empowered with knowledge and insight, you can take responsibility for your health and bring your body to a true healthy balance.

Custom Health & Lifesytle Consultation

Introductory Consultation: 10 minutes FREE

Mini Consultation: 30 minutes $40

Initial Full Consultation: 90 minutes (plus prep work) $110

Full Consultation Re-visit: 90 minutes (plus prep work) $65
To qualify for a Re-visit you are required to have previously seen Nilia Rohatsch, C.H.

If you’re ready to take charge of your health and wellness, the experts at True Healthy Balance are ready to help you make it happen. Get in touch to learn more, ask questions, or schedule your initial consultation and body composition analysis.

Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Detox: 30 minutes $40

Ionic Foot Detox 3-Pack: 30 minutes each $110

Add Foot Massage with Essential Oils (single or blend): $15

Ionic foot detox is a holistic detoxifying system that stimulates the body’s natural detoxification process and supports the immune system. 

The array is placed into the water with the feet, sending messages to the cells to eliminate toxins and rebalance the body’s pH levels.  As the process ensues, the water inside the basin slowly turns colors to green, brown, orange and sometimes black.  The water will turn color without feet in it because the ions are reacting to stuff that is already in your water.  This is why we use purified water to minimize this.  While there is no scientific evidence to support this process, we have personally seen many people benefit from age 2-93 years of age.  Many have said they have gained vitality, energy, clear mind positive mood, healthy circulation and more. 

Weight Loss

Introductory Consultation: 10 minutes FREE

Mini Consultation: 30 minutes $40

Initial Full Consultation: 90 minutes (plus prep work) $110

Full Consultation Re-visit: 90 minutes (plus prep work) $65
To qualify for a Re-visit you are required to have previously seen Nilia Rohatsch, C.H.

Regardless of your age, activity level or lifestyle there’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter solution when it comes to weight management.  This is just one of many reasons why True Healthy Balance strives to provide the most extensive offering services around the world.

During your consultation, we will go over your personal health goals and current health challenges. Together, we will discuss how you can incorporate changes in diet and lifestyle, along with the use of nutritional supplements to help support your body’s natural healing processes. My goal is to help educate you on how you can take responsibility for your own health in order to bring your body and life back in balance.

Topics covered during your consultation may include:

  • Developing your Intuition by listening to your gut

  • Enhancing your Energy Production

  • Learning to Breathe Properly

  • Diet and Lifestyle changes

  • Exercise that works for your body

  • Improving your digestion

  • Improving the quality of your sleep

  • Balancing Stress in your life

  • Creating a Healthy Metabolism

  • Blood Type Diet

  • and more.


BalanceU: 12 Week Program $300

BalanceU Fast Track: 6 Week Program (90 minutes/week) $300

BalanceU with Full Consultation: 12 Week Program $365

A balanced healthy lifestyle starts with the right education. Learn how to restore the body and bring back balance to help ward off or eliminate disease. This is where BalanceU comes in to help. We give you the tools to build mindfulness and guidance to choose better behaviors.

Our goal is to share our knowledge to educate others, and enlighten each client to concepts in healing that they may not be familiar with.  We want each client to understand these ideas so they can put them into action to improve their own health. We are available to work with groups, corporations, small businesses and individuals in the education of an array of topic(s) within our realm of expertise. 

Topics covered during your consultation may include:

  • Energy/Sleep
  • Stress & Relax  
  • Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Gut & Digestion
  • Heart Health & Blood Sugar
  • Detox & Cleansing
  • Men’s Health  
  • Women’s Health
  • Pre-natal & Post-natal
  • Children’s Health  
  • Seasonal Support
  • Mood & Depression
  • Aches & Pains
  • Memory & Brain
  • Immune Support
  • Weight management/Fitness
  • Libido
  • and more.



Initial consultation


Brief 1/2 hour consultation


90 minute full consultation


90 minute follow-up consultations

What to Expect During a Consultation

Your consultation is an important way to help you stay healthy and communicate with Nilia Rohatsch. It is a chance to focus on your overall health and wellness.

Visits focus on preventive care, dietary advice etc. which may include:

  • Education on herbs, homeopathy, therapeutic oils, and other natural substances

  • Counseling on nutrition, historic remedies and lifestyle
  • Helping to improve your health by preventing diseases and other health problems
  • Recommendation of additional alternative modalities to help speed along progress.
  • Education and counseling to help you make informed health decisions
  • Setting realistic health and dietary goals
  • Focuses on healing organ systems and strengthening the constitution
  • Complements conventional medical care
  • Corrects imbalances of the systems thereby relieving symptoms
  • Looks for and supports the underlying cause of ailments
  • Utilizes Bio-Communication to determine body stressors
  • Healthy lifestyle education

Nilia Rohatsch, C.H. customizes each health plan to all individual needs, health, medical conditions/challenges; medications, herbs, homeopathics and/or vitamins patients are taking, life style, mental, emotional, trauma/injuries, and nutritional aspects. Nilia takes it upon herself to evaluate all aspects of each client during the first visit and creates a unique personalized plan.  As patients become healthier and issues decrease the unique personalized plan changes. All plans are designed to grow with you and your unique situation and focuses on root causes. Clients receive guidance, education, booklets, charts, consulting, and/or recipes to help get them started.  Clients can call, email or text with questions, concerns and to give weekly updates of how they are doing on their individual plan.

Who should have a Health Scan?

Everyone should have a scan to identify what the body needs to maintain balance/homeostasis, health and wellness. Knowing what your body needs can prevent illness, serious issues and address the root cause of illnesses. If you have NOT felt 100%, have dealt with medical conditions/problems, continue to have “unexplained” symptoms, are tired of taking several medications without understanding, and/or going through surgeries, etc. You really should do the Health Scan. It may have some answers for you or at least point you in the right direction! However, the health scans do not medically diagnose, they simply provide good information about what is going on in your body at the current time that should be considered by a qualified healthcare professional in determining a course of action/prevention.

How does it work?

Our body is in constant communication with itself. Every cell in your body is networked together, sending and receiving information to coordinate the millions of functions your body processes every day. When your body encounters a health challenge, it uses these communication pathways to direct available resources to restore homeostasis. The primary function of this communication is to maintain overall health and functionality of the whole body, keep all systems in communication and working together. When your body encounters a bigger health challenge, you may begin to show symptoms. Symptoms are the outward expression of your body’s best efforts to deal with these bigger challenges. Too often we ignore our health until we get so sick or develop a serious illness, won’t you rather support your body’s day-by-day efforts to deal with the little challenges before they develop into something worse? When you receive a health scan, the technology enables a computer to communicate with your body by checking the body’s responses and reading the “electrical activity” or “energetic energy” of the body (both are the same), and receive feedback; which is documented. This alone provides you and your healthcare provider with powerful new insights about your current state of health.

What does the Health Scan check?

The scan checks several things, some examples: all coherence & incoherence patterns, 120 different stress profiles, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, etc., TCM meridians, over 200 clinical therapies, all areas of the nervous system, neurotransmitters, vertebra’s, musculoskeletal, teeth, immune disorders/ sensitivities, foods, environmental factors, allergies & sensitivities, 77 hormones, 54 vitamins & minerals, 40 amino acids, 17 digestive enzymes, 33 emotions, ALL 29 organs glands & systems and much more.

How long does it take?

This normally depends on the client. It can take up to a total of one hour or much more depending on how in-depth someone wants to get. The scan itself is normally finished within 20mins or so, depending on how in-depth a person/practitioner wants to get. A health assessment form is filled out with a thorough evaluation and the reading of the scan residing.

Disclaimer: All information stated on scan reports and given to patients is for educational purposes only. All information provided to patients may help with mild, moderate, acute or chronic illnesses, including some medical conditions. However, scans are not used or intended for diagnosing of medical conditions, treatments or for prescribing of medications. Nilia Rohatsch, CH is not a medical physician nor does she claim to be, practice, or treat medically. For any medical prescriptive or diagnostic treatment practices, patients are to see a nutritionally-oriented medical physician or D.O. It is a client’s choice to decide whether they want to follow, listen, and change whatever is causing their issues/problems and/or to purchase and take any products the scan reports or is suggested. If clients decide to follow their customized plan and/or the biosurvey, Nilia Rohatsch, C.H. and her business True Healthy Balance, LLC, does not take any responsibility and will not be held liable for any reason(s). Nilia Rohatsch will do her absolute best to help all clients and to provide to them the utmost care by educating, guiding, and advising clients about preventive and good health practices!.

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